Biological solutions for wastewater treatment applications

Clayton Penistone Group are distributors of Novozymes biological wastewater treatment solutions with applications including biomass reinforcement, solids management, biological aids, and odor control to improve wastewater treatment

Novozymes offers effective biological alternatives to traditional wastewater treatment products. With specified applications including biomass reinforcement, solids management, biological aids, and odor control, microbial-based solutions safely lower operating costs, improve plant efficiency, and simplify wastewater treatment operations.

Biomass reinforcement: Adding microorganisms to help the existing microbial community is the most effective way to improve wastewater treatment without incurring capital costs.

Industrial bio cleaning: Biotechnology is used as a safe and effective way to keep equipment clean and operational without adversely affecting wastewater operations.

Odor control: Biotechnology is an effective way to eliminate the production of nuisance odors in many industrial and municipal wastewater treatment applications.

Solids management: Solids management is one of the biggest concerns in the wastewater industry today. Biotechnology helps facilities to reduce the burden of sludge and solids handling and lower costs.

Clayton iwt and Novozymes’ technical wastewater experts work with customers to evaluate specific application requirements. After thoroughly evaluating the operating conditions and diagnosing the microbial population using advanced analytical techniques, recommendations are made for the optimal solution.

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