High Rate Filter Bioaugmentation with Biopod Mini

Site A water treatment works comprising of two high rate filters and two trickle filters.

Objective To augment biology on high rate filters to achieve target BOD reduction which was not being achieved due to high loads from ice cream factory waste and subsequent nitrification on trickle filters.

Solution Following a site assessment and laboratory tests a BioPod Mini was installed and the breed liquor was dosed to the pumping station feeding the high rate filters. Within 3 weeks the red algae on the filters had turned to a healthy green colour and good BOD reduction was achieved. Client data Vs 12 month previous shows the dramatic improvement. The trickle filters started to nitrify for the first time since the installation of the high rate filters.

Notes Bioaugmentation of high rate plastic media filters using BioPodĀ® technology has proven a complete success in all applications to date.

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