Yorkshire Water MEICA Direct Delivery Framework.

We are proud to announce that together with our Joint Venture partner Cema Group, that following a 12 month selection process within Yorkshire Water Asset Solutions, a new capital framework is now in place with Yorkshire Water to deliver AMP6 Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Control & Automation (MEICA) based capital work under the new Direct Delivery initiative.

The Direct Delivery initiative has been created to drive outperformance by using a direct procurement approach where the capital investment does not require investigation and design activities can be undertaken within Yorkshire Water.

The new MEICA framework will also provide a fast and efficient delivery route where capital work can go straight into delivery. Asset Solutions and the Technical Services team in Asset Integrity, now have an alternative delivery option to the existing capital frameworks. A key element of the new framework will involve the Contract Partners bringing the private to public pumping stations up to Yorkshire Water standards.

Together with the Cema Clayton Consortium, 3 other framework partners have been appointed under this framework.




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